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At Greene Comprehensive Family Dentistry, we feel strongly that the prevention of dental problems is our primary goal. Chances are that at some point your family dentist has talked to you about your dental hygiene. It may have been the frequency of brushing, or maybe frequency of flossing or health of your gums. Regardless, the truth is that developing solid dental habits and routines during adolescence and throughout life is a preventative measure against costly dental emergencies. When regular dental visits are not kept, smaller dental problems with quick, simple solutions can create a "snowball effect", becoming more complex dental health problems with lengthy, expensive solutions. Your dental health is important to us, and we want to help you keep a regular dental maintenance schedule. Everyone deserves to have a healthy and pain-free smile.

Prevention Dentistry in Greene CountyThe American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit your family dentist for a standard checkup a minimum of two to four times per year. These dental checkups provide routine dental cleanings to eliminate plaque or calculus that builds up on your teeth. Your toothbrush cannot reach this build up, which will result in tooth decay if not removed. Standard dental checkups also serve to quickly identify any severe dental emergencies, allowing us early detection of oral cancer, often before symptoms are prevalent. An increasing number studies have also proposed a relationship between periodontal disease and negative implications on the circulatory system, heart, kidneys, lungs and other systems in the body. The mouth is the gateway to your body - protecting it helps to protect you!

At Greene Comprehensive Family Dentistry, your dental and physical health is our top priority. We always welcome new patients at our technologically equipped dental office and accept a variety of dental insurance plans for your convenience. We look forward to meeting you soon.


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