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Endodontics (Root Canals)

Our Greene County dental office performs root canal treatment by reshaping and disinfecting the pulp chamber. Your tooth has a hard outer shell with a hollow space in the middle. In healthy teeth this area houses a nourishing pulp tissue which is composed of nerve fibers and blood vessels. These tissues provide nourishment for the tooth as well as connect it to the rest of your body. Root canals are usually performed as a result of extensive decay, tooth damage or trauma to the teeth which results in an infection of the pulp. The root canal process includes reshaping and disinfecting the pulp chamber.

Signs and symptoms related with affected teeth but not limited to:

  • Spontaneous pain / throbbing
  • Tenderness to hot / cold
  • Tooth throbbing relieved by hot or cold
  • Pimple like bump on gums near end of tooth

Tooth Abscess: A dental abscess results in bone loss around the end of the tooth. This occurs due to an infection of the pulp tissue. At this point if a root canal is not performed to disinfect the tooth the other treatment option for the tooth is removal of the tooth. Tooth extraction is less expensive than root canal treatment alone. If replacement of the tooth is desired, the options are removable dental appliances or partial dentures, a dental implant, or a dental bridge. In most circumstances, the tooth which has the root canal treatment will need a crown, as root canaled tooth can become brittle with time and or discolor.


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